Process re-engineering & Technology Consulting

We have an end to end product of ERP for SMEs, which is a fully customizable modular solution. Our ERP has been successfully implemented across domains including manufacturing as well as service sector as below.
We do technology assessment, process reengineering, customised designed and development. Out ERP is ISO compatible. We offer the client with multiple structural options including the option of not buying the software, subscribing to the software as a service, as well as an integrated outsourcing of systems.

We provide Enterprise Solutions for following:

  • Job work Manufactures
  • Foundries
  • Pump/ Valve Manufacturers
  • Plastic Products Manufacturers
  • Textile Units
  • Restaurants
  • Packaging
  • Product Trading Units
  • Supply Chain Mgmt Unit
  • Retail Management
  • Blood Bank Mgmt System
  • Hotels / Resorts
  • Project based Service company
  • IT companies
  • Manpower based consulting company
  • Interiors and Architectures